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Zamp Magic

Shadow Shrooms

These Mushrooms stand silhouetted by the shimmering swirls of mica laced alcohol inks, stretching out over the 8x10 inch canvas. The mat black contrasting in from different angles as the layers of pigment play off the light. Sealed in a gloss finish to bring the greens and yellows to a pop and highlighting depth of texture. Under black light this painting transforms into something a little bit more mystical and psychedelic as the background and accents of the mushroom begin to glow revealing hidden stokes and swirls.

Peacocks and Prisms

This beautiful hand painted original work by artist ZampMagic is a stunning display of color and detail. Featuring this graceful and proud bird, the peacock stands peacefully in a sea of color. Please visit our page to see the original on sale now the original piece is UV reactive and truly comes to life under black light as he stands contrasted in shades of light and darkness, however there is little to no UV reaction from the inks used for this limited reproduction series. Bold paint strokes and colors combine in a beautiful and elegant piece that would brighten any space with a splash of color. This abstract is perfect for anyone of any age and would make the perfect gift for the art lover in your family or possibly to add some brightness to a collection of your own.

Standing Liberty

This original art is hand drawn from the Standing Liberty Type 1 full bust coin. Perfect for study or office décor for the coin or currency collector in your family. This elegant monochromatic drawing is sealed and finished to prevent smudging and to seal in the original colors to help this art work last as long as your keep sakes. Crafted to reflect the character and details portrayed on this rare and highly collectable coin. A prized favorite among collectors. This original art piece would make a wonderful accent piece for a framed coin project or possibly as a talking piece in your home or shop.

Jellyfish Dreams

This painting is made with alcohol ink and is on a hard board background


Powerful, graceful, and absolutely stunning this original piece "A Splash of Pony" by artist ZampMagic is a culmination of contrasting images, colors and textures. Please check our page to see the original, the UV reactive component of this original piece is truly stunning when under black light when the image of this horse seemingly immerging from the depths of this canvas on a wave of color appears submerged in a swirling darkness, splotches of color revealing the noble figure hidden among the shadow, however the ink in these prints has little to no UV reaction. This peace is a balance of elegance and strength and would be a bold and interesting splash of color to brighten any home or space. The size of this piece and it's many component draws the viewer in which makes it a wonderful talking piece to those quiet areas. A great gift for the collector in your family and a great way to bring something bright to your own collection.

Painted Pony No.1
(darks in colds)

UV reactive acrylics

© 2018 Starla Holeman

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