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An Interview With Brendan Shane of Wretched Sky


It was Lyrica Black that first brought these guys to my attention, and I have to say it's been my privilege to get to know them. I've seen them perform at both Pirate fest, and the Freemont Country club, so this interview is well passed due.

Q. About how long have you guys been together as a band?
A. "About a year and a few months"


Q.  Is there a special story about how you all met, or did you advertise for members?

A. "I was in another band a few years back with Steven, and Dustin. Solomon went to high school with Steven. The three of them started jamming, invited me on board, and we brought in Danny a bit later."


Q. The name: Wretched Sky What is the story behind the name, or does it have one?

A. "It was a description of the sky that Dustin gave Steven one day as the sun was setting at our rehersal studio. It stuck."


To which I added:

We do have some pretty badass sunsets!


Q. I know you guys do a combination of covers, and originals. Is this by design?

A. "It's just songs we love. Sometimes it's something that was stuck in our head all day, sometimes it's songs we keep hearing everywhere we go so we take it as a sign. Sometimes it's just because they're so damned fun to perform, and addicting to play/sing."

Although recently we did a cover of Disturbed's "stupify" as a sort of tribute at a few shows after we talked about getting out of the studio with their bass player, John Moyer, producing our first record."


Q. Speaking of, is there any place a person could get their grubby little paws on one of those, or has Lunacy even been released yet?

A. "We're releasing the record this summer. We are taking pre-sales! You can get them at our booth at this year's LVL UP EXPO on May 30th and the 31st at Cashman Center in Las Vegas OR you can email WretchedSky@gmail.com to get more information on getting it delivered to your door!"


Q.Do you currently have any favorite venues that you like to play?

A. "The House Of Blues is one of our favorites. They are very professional about everything."


Q. As a group, do you all have one band that you can agree on as having had a musical influence on you when you were aspiring musicians?
A. "Oh Jeeze! We have so many we all agree on.

Lamb of god
System of a Down
Faith No More
I mean, the list goes on!"


To which I added:

Why am I not surprized. That just means that you are well rounded musicians.


Q.Is there anything you want to say to the fans as this interview comes to a close?

A. "We can't stress enough how much fun the LVL UP EXPO will be. Get your ticket before they sell out! We perform Sunday May 31st along with many panels for well known, talented voice actors from the Anime and Video Game industry!"





Interviewed by Symphony SorrowsFade 5-15-2015
Photography by Red Flame Photo
Graphics by Michael Wall 



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