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An Interview With Dani Moulton of
Shallow Like Me


I first saw Shallow Like Me play at the Hard Rock on the strip. My first impression was that I had to have an interview with them, because they seriously sound amazing. There are times when I have to wonder if I come off as a "fan girl", and other times I wonder if (in my own special way) I'm not? What quantifies a "fan girl" anyway? I'll leave that question for another time.


What follows is a loose interview gleaned from questions posed over a period of time from instant messenger. As sole editor of the website, I simply haven't had the time or resources to do something more professional with this interview; but on the same note, I wasn't about to let this one get away!


Q. I started off with a question about some lyrics from the song "Don Ready". In the lyrics are the words "can you believe (can you believe) that counting fingers is as good as it gets". Frankly, i wanted to know what it meant. So, I asked.


A. His answer started with a question: "Are you familiar with lucid dreaming?"


To which I responded (very unprofessionally I might add) Mmm, I guess so.


A. "Okay well lucid dreaming seems so real you think your awake and a way of telling that is by counting your fingers"


Q. Who would you say writes the majority of the song writing? Is it a collaborative effort?


A. At the moment Tommy and I share the lyrical effort, everyone else definately writes thier own parts. I guess i do a majority of the guitars, or at least enough to have an idea of what the song is going to sound like. Then, we as a group fill in the blanks.


Q. (I continued on to ask with all of the lack luster charm of someone who is multi-tasking) The band name? Is there a special story behind the name? How did that come about?



A. "At the time everyone was trending the same kind of band names. Everyone had the I of in there names and we didn't wanna do that we wanted a statement and Shallow Like Me is a true statement because everyone is shallow in their own way"




Interview by SorrowsFade 2015


© 2018 Starla Holeman

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