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An Interview With Justice
of Nefarious Imaging


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I have the great fortune of having some of the most remarkable friends, so when it came time to ask around for interviews, there were a few talents that were a serious no brainer to come up with. Justice has always been a rather serious fellow that clearly has some very defined ideas of his own. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that some people have a hard time approaching him; but he's amazing I swear. He specializes in a field of photography that puts him in direct opposition with the main stream, and yet he excels in producing some of the best photography of it's kind. What follow is an interview with the big guy with the dreaded blue mohawk.

Q. When did you first feel that epic urge to step behind the camera and bring your own brand of artistic vision to life? 

A. "As a kid / teenager I experimented with all sorts of artistic mediums. I've drawn, written, played music, DJ-ed, been an actor, a back stage techie, everything. I picked up a camera for the first time in tenth grade, took photography as an elective and proceeded to have a semester of headbutting and fights with my teacher. She said I was uncontrollable, and I agreed with her. Since then it has become my primary medium of artistic expression. Couldn't tell you why, it just is. It allows me to take the things in my head and make them real in a way no other medium ever did. The next step is to make the pictures move, that's the next evolution."

Q. Is there some deeper meaning behind the name Nafarious Imaging?

A. "Nefarious means "infamous by way of being extremely wicked" my photographs are meant to be wicked, to be parts of the human psyche that most, normal people would want to keep buried. Because they are prudes, and they need to lighten the fuck up, and enjoy all the aspects of themselves. So long as they aren't hurting anyone, have fun."


Q. I understand that you will be leaving our fair city in pursuit of a degree. Was there any special reason for this decision, and what is it you hope to ultimately accomplish?

A. "I hate the desert, and am not a huge fan of Vegas. For all it's hype as "Sin City" Las Vegas is one of the most conservative places I've ever been. I'm going back to school for several major reasons. I want to work with major publications, and I want to take my skills as far as I possibly can. It's a tool, a stepping stone, and I chose my school carefully. The part of being out of Nevada is icing on the cake."


Q. What is your favorite photo shoot?

A. "Don't really have a favorite one. I've got fun stories and some cool memories from almost all of them. So in a way, they are all my favorite. I've got some shots I like better than others, but the next time I shoot, a new photo might take it's place. They're all my twisted little children, and I love them all... to one degree or another."


Q. Do you have a type of photography you prefer, you know, indoors over outdoors, color over black and white, that sort of thing?

A. "I primarily shoot very rich and saturated colors, though the occasional black and white fits certain things better. I shoot models primarily, naked ones, sometimes in very compromising positions so indoors is easier, but outdoors ones are more exciting. Kind of like smoking as a teenager, the danger of getting caught."


Q. What is the most difficult photo shoot you have ever done? 

A. "Every shoot has it's own difficulties, weather that is the lighting challenges, or location challenges. With less experienced models it can be difficult to coax out the poses, and facial expressions I want. I once did an entire shoot in the backseat of a car, that was difficult in that it was vey confined, but very fun."


Q. Finally. do you have any plans of ever revisiting us after your move?

A.  "I'll be back to visit fairly regularly, my mate still has family here, and we both have friends that we'll be wanting to come see. It's a short flight, and not particularly expensive either."


Interviewed by Symphony SorrowsFade 5-2012

© 2018 Starla Holeman

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