"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will"        ✯ Suzy Kassem ✯

My Final Word



Forgiveness I can do for you at any time.
Though trust in you will start from the beginning every time.
Once again you came into my life.
Yet my armor did I have.
Told you I did.

My heart was no toy
yet hear me I think you didn' t.

Driven under....
Under my skin.
Under myself.
Under life itself

I was Only for fault of my own.
For let somebody long ago play with mine heart..
A journey it was to get back to me not to long ago.
And now come along you do
and think with open arms
welcome you back I will?

Disillusioned and wrong is you.
For strong I will be.
So if you see me along the street or amongst a crowd.
Know this...
that I do not exist to you or you to me.

This is my last word to you....




Copy write Jerry Ellis

© 2018 Starla Holeman

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