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inappropriate advertising

In a time (not so very long ago) when images were bountiful on the internet, I collected images. I've been doing it for quite sometime.
Today I bring you a few of those images that I love. They tell a story of a bygone era when we viewed the world differently. Most of these images are inflammatory, gender or race biased, and thankfully, no longer acceptable in mainstream media.

The first few advertisments I chose to show you will likely send most people leaving the page, because it is a subject that the vast majority of us with a moral compass find offensive; and yet, here it is. What people fail to understand is that children were born into brothels, and raised to be sex workers. Sadly you would think that child prostitution had no place left in this world, but a current article shows that as recent as 2014, children as young as 11 still work in the oldest profession. With images like this so perfluent at the time, one must wonder if America had it's own dirty past with such indulgances.


Vintage Pear Soap ad

vintage advertising

I'm sure, like me, you would like to see nothing more recent than this advertisment; but unfortunately, I found the most disturbing examples of this to be the most recent. One is so bad, that I refuse to use it (and frankly, I'm worried that I found it in the first place).


Meet ten year old (at the time of this shoot in 2011)
modeling sensation, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau.
As if models (and in fact women in general) didn't have enough stress on them to stay perpetually young, now they have to compete with girls who haven't even hit puberty yet.
In a world where women have to struggle to find a simple pair of sensible underwear that don't have cupcakes or rainbows on them at the major chain stores, let's just perpetuate the notion that a woman should remain innocent and childlike for all time. 

There were several examples of racism in advterising, but I found none so offensive to me than these soap advertisements. It baffles my mind that this sort of thing was so commonplace. My mother (thankfully still with us) actually lived through this cultural revolution


This next set of images I find to be more amusing, and less disturbing, simply because I have a hard time believing any child survived this era if adults were so irresponsible. Yet I know that some mistakes had to be made for future generations. The fact remains that children did survive. As terrible as it might sound, kids were smarter back then. They obviously had to be!


vintage add for Iver Johnson revolvers

I'm not condemning or condoning political correctness, but I can say that looking back on some of these advertisments lends to the fact that it does have some merit.

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