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Heart Diamond Photography with model Jetta Toxic

An Interview With Tracy Stephens
Heart Diamond Photography 


This interview is one that has been a long time in coming, so I'm afraid my questions were pretty short, direct, and on target. Because I have known Tracy for some time now, I knew the questions that had already been brewing in the back of my mind. I have had the honor of watching Tracy's work progress, and I can't wait to see her expand into new mediums. She has the eye of an artist, and as an artist, her skills are beginning to catch up with that wicked intellect, and keen eye. I know it's a big deal these days to say I knew that artist when. You can do one even better, you can hire her!


Q.  As our in house photographer, perhaps I'm a little biased, but I think your approach to your work is that of an artist stepping up to an easel, but what is it like for you when you step behind that lens?

A. "Each shoot is different. Generally I discuss with my client or talent what we want to achieve during the shoot. With the goal in mind I try to provide a different perspective than we would normally see.
In addition I am looking to find the beauty in every subject. The beauty could be the curve of the body or the way a shadow plays of the subjects skin. Beauty can also be found in inanimate objects as well like architecture that is interesting can be beautiful at just the right angle."


Q. What first got you interested in photography?

A. "It seems I've always had a camera in my hand. I was the kid on the school field trips carrying a camera and taking photos of everything and everyone. But I never wanted the posed photos I was after candid shots. I wanted to capture everyone just as they were."


Q. You cover a very wide range of photography. Is there any subject you find taboo?

A. "Child pornography or anything along those lines. Of course snuff stuff is off limits too. However faked snuff is ok."


Q. Do you have a favorite medium at the moment?

A. "At the moment I am very much into black and white as well as layered photos."


Q.Do you have a favorite subject matter?

A. "I love maternity and fetish shoots.I like to make the mothers feel beautiful....sexy even. I remember being pregnant and feeling like an ugly whale.With fetish shoots, the people are often more comfortable in their own skin, and tend to let their personalities shine through."


Q. We all have hopes, dreams, and ambitions; if you could see yourself five years down the line, where would you like to be?

A. "I would love to be making enough money from my craft to support myself. I see a cool studio with an office. Oh, and crew to help on shoots!"


Q.Do you have any interesting projects in the works?

A. "I am currently in the process of setting up a breast feeding project. I want to take photos of all different types of women breast feeding their children. My hope is to show that breast feeding is a beautiful and bonding thing between mother and child while helping society to get over itself about public breast feeding."


Q.What is the most difficult shoot you've done?

A. "The Steam Punk Circus shoot. I had never worked with that many people at one time. It was difficult getting everyone to do what I wanted at the same time."


Q.Do you currently have any mentors?

A. "Thomas Gensinger has been my mentor. He has helped me stretch and grow. Honestly at times it was painful but well worth it. He has also been one of my biggest cheerleaders"




If you would like to contact Tracy Stephens of Heart Diamond Photography about hiring her for a photo shoot, you can call

(702) 275-4873

or you can email her at





Interviewed by Symphony SorrowsFade 5-26-2015
Photography by Heart Diamond Photography
Model: Jetta Toxic
Graphics: Symphony Sorrowsfade 



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