"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will"        ✯ Suzy Kassem ✯

By The Mizzen Mast



Don't sink your ship she says

But it's been too long since we've seen the warm shore her heart said
Her emotions like a squall rocked the boat that was her heart
Her dreams, a mirage that disguised the reefs in all her hearts misguided misdirection,  All in an attempt to garnish some sort of anchor or grounding affection


Don't sink your ship she says 
She ties herself to the helm and she plants her feet
Her tears lost in the sheets of rain
Tears lost to the pain
She had no choice but to pull back from the beckoning shoals
No choice but to wait out the storm

Don't sink your ship her remembered voice whispered as she sagged by the mizzen mast.
Don't sink your ship
Tomorrow could be your last.






Copy write Starla Holeman January 4th 2015

© 2018 Starla Holeman

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