"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will"        ✯ Suzy Kassem ✯

Photo courtacy of Starla Holeman

Our Story

Everyone knows the Las vegas that they see on their television screen, but the adaptation for mass consumption doesn't paint the picture in natural light. In fact, we are a city known the world over for the neon meant to attract strangers. But this city has a heartbeat, and it's teaming with life. The bright lights dont shine on is the real beauty and soul of the city, the people. The outcasts and artists and the entertainers that keep the clock ticking.

We all have a story! We are all minor yet, essential pieces to one big puzzle that is the mysterious and lovely Las Vegas. Each of us who live and breathe the sinfully sweet air here make love to this city with the heart and soul we put into it. We give it life it has now. We need this city just as much as she needs us and without us, shed just be lights and clockwork. We make the magic!

This website was created to showcase local talent, points of interest, and how some of us locals to Las Vegas really live.

Come and do a little living with us at one of our events, and share your story with us! Let's make a little magic of our own.

Our Team



Webmaster, Writer, Poet, Editor

I have lived in Las Vegas on and off, but i have lived the last 15 years of my life here. I've lived here long enough to have seen the down side of up, and the up side of down as far as to what this city has to offer; and now I want to share my long term love of the place I call home with the rest of the world.

My mission is to shed light on not only the tourist attractions that the visitors of our fair city flock to, but to go that one step further and expose the more human element of what makes it tick. There's an untapped potential here that for far too long has gone UN-noticed. To the rest of the world we're just some glittering mecca that only exists on their t.v. screen. I want to wake the world from this misconception and make a site that caters to locals.


Lyrica Black, Model, Poet

I, Lyrica Black, hope to shed some light on the city of lights by giving you updates to all of the ins and outs of teen hangouts, habits, and anything else that I stumble upon along the way.

Have you ever gotten bad advice? Gone to a club to get away only to find yourself all too happy to be back outside? I'll take care of those problems by giving you great suggestions that you can read for yourself to have the pick of many great (or not so great) places to get away.

Popularity has nothing to do with it ladies and gentleman. Under the rhinestone shimmer of the city, diamonds are sometimes found. Please allow me to show you the difference.


Jetta Toxic, Model

Hello, Darlings! My name is Jetta Toxic and I am a local Las Vegas model. I have worked on and off the runway with Redken Symposium 2015, TME, Aki photography, and Sorrows Fade photography. Las Vegas is my hometown and I am a proud local. Catch you later, love. Sincerely, Jetta Toxic.




Zamp Magik,
Foreign Correspondent
(from the outskirts of Portland, Or.)


"I believe the human body is not the only thing that makes beauty. The body is a vessel through which one's true beauty and power can be expressed. I speak my mind in riddles. I paint the world as I see it so others can see through my eye. I hate clothes 78% of the time. I see the world as an extension of myself, a canvas to be crafted to future spirits to add to. I like to shoot out at the range, and then come home and curl up with my cat in a bed full of stuffed animals. Most of my alone time you can find me curled up in a satin rob with a cup of earl grey tea pawwing over the pages of a new book or painting naked with "coin operated boy" or "mad world" playing softly in the background. I'm always up for a good horror film or an stimulating conversation. I have an obsession with the human body. I can't think of a friend I've had who hasn't seen me nude, or a female friend that hasn't made out with me. I'm strange and sometimes a bit mental but I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it!"

 Tracey Stephens,
House Photographer


am a native of Las Vegas. I love this city and all her people. Through the lens of my camera I see the beauty of the unconventional people and places of Las Vegas. Some people may see my view of the world as skewed but that is fine by me.
My skewed view of the world has lead me to photograph people with alternative life styles. There is a beauty in everyone and I aim to capture it and present it to the world so maybe the world can finally see their beauty as I do.


Myk Wall,
Graphic Design 


"Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive"
Farris Bueler 


Amanda Elaine,


"Hello! My name is Amanda Elaine. I'm not originally from Las Vegas, but from a town on the Border in Texas. Since moving to Vegas, I've learned a lot about the big city life. I'm here to pass on my views on the difference on Big City life, share my views on movies, TV shows, books, everyday topics, or any little thing that is demanding my attention that day. Along with sharing my views on things, I will also be exploring the local establishments and eateries here in Las Vegas. So join me on this wonder adventure. "

Our Mission


Photo courtacy of Starla Holeman

Our mission is to provide you with a unique website that caters to the Las Vegas local.

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