"Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will"        ✯ Suzy Kassem ✯

The View

The view outside my window
I like the least of all
I like it here in my hidey hole
though my space is very small

The world outside awaits me
full of eager eyes and greedy hands
But some days I'm just not up to
anyone else's requests, nor my demands

Sometimes I avoid the mirror
I don't need to see my reflection to know just who I am
And sometimes I don't like the person reflected there
because it seems like she never understands

All my world contained in a work space
I rage craft to distance myself from my past
But sometimes I still look to that window
and wonder how long my solitude will last

Copyright Starla Holeman Jan 4th 2015

© 2018 Starla Holeman

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