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Please note that at this time this is a completely ad free publication. We are very much about the idea of bringing you up to date points of interest and news in our fair city. I was NOT paid for advertisement for any materials or links to be placed here.

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"I'll scare you rite out of your pants"


This website will be dedicated to providing you with a wide range of local talent.


  • Poetry.
  • Reviews.
  • Articles.
  • Essays.
  • Items of Personal Interest.


These are the things you will find on this website.




In addition to what will be a full blown website, you will also be able to keep in touch and interact with us Via Facebook!

Though we don't condone people quitting school, this song says something that more people need to hear and get behind. A special thank you to Jetta Toxic for introducing me to this song and artist.


Because I have worked a few years in the tech industry, I have decided to offer up a few resources for website building. 

I DO NOT, and will not be offering any of my personal expertise beyond that. 

I do however wish to encourage all of our talented following to chase their dreams. 


More Information
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If there is one thing we plan on attending, creating, and going to; that's events!

I wouldn't say that social gatherings is the sole purpose of this website, but it is definitely an objective!

Open call for content

There has been an open call for talent on here for months. I think it's time I stop waiting for it and get on with the amazing one man show!


Current News

Exciting news came the night of Saturday July 29th. The Nocturnal Affair announced at their live show at Vamp'd (where they opened for none other than Geoff Tate in Opperation: Mindcrime) that they had just released an album. Here at Vegas Underground Society we are proud to pass along the sound that we're pretty sure you've been waiting for for years.

Back when the website was still new, I had asked this funny karaoke host if he would do an interview with me for the website.
Sadly, the interview never came to be because we had both agreed that a video interview would be best.

As the days pass into weeks, and the world continues to carry on without him, I watch as more and more of his pictures surface, and then disappear again.
I only wish I could make the fact that he has died go away just as easily.  He was a single father that was working gig to gig to pay the bills, and left behind a 15 year old daughter that he loved dearly. We've done charity work in the past, but I can think of no better way to remember him than leaving this link here.
If you would like to help with funeral expenses and to make his families loss a little easier, then please click his picture, and donate to this GoFundMe account. 

Check out what's up and coming

If I told you.... I would have to kill you

No, on a serious note, We have a new Blogger on the site with current articles coming your way. We've also been promised an interview with local band

The Nocturnal Affair

So stay tuned for new things, and hang tight with us as the site's look and feel make alterations.

In the mean time, please take the time to take a look at the link below. Katie is a dear friend, and I want to offer her whatever assistance I can. Please spread the word! How often in life can you say that you were able to do something to help someone walk again.

When trying to appeal to you to take the time to read this, I can think of no better way to grab your attention then with the facts. Here is Katie's story in her own words.

"My name is Katie I am 32 years old married to my wonderful husband Paris for 10 years and a mother to 3 great kids Ethan 14, Aubree 12 and Owen 10 and I don't know where to start... I have CRPS ive had it for 2 years now, okay try to stay with me here it gets,confusing I have severe Crohn's disease which is an inflammatory bowel disease and have had 20+ abdominal surgeries so when in feb of 2015 i had to have another surgery to repair a parastomal hernia and remove my uterus due to complications from Crohn's I thought it would be like all the others. On Feb 19, 2015 I had surgery... Now I don't remember any of this, but later that day I woke up and told my sister I couldn't feel my legs but they hurt so badly. Then I got deathly ill and was rushed to the OR for surgery to repair a blockage they caused, and within 72 hours I had a total of 5 surgeries because when they went to fix the blockage they punctured my intestine I was so bad I was also in a coma for 14 days on life support I woke up almost three months later! When I did my legs hurt so bad I couldn't stand it ! But I couldn't move them or feel them except a weird numb foot fall asleep feeling but a billion times worse! So after being discharged and sent to a rehab I was told the first surgery which was done with a robotic machine destroyed my peripheral nerves to my legs, I am now wheelchair bound and have not had one single day without pain! I haven't been able to walk since ."

This man that she going to see is no ordinary Dr. He can give her the rare opportunity to walk again. Even if we weren't friends at all I would still be supporting her.

"This man, Dr. Tollestrup, will give me the chance to walk again and be virtually pain free AND cure my CRPS Please pray for me that this goes well! I told many of my family and friends when all of this happened in 2015 that I WILL WALK AGAIN!
This just very well may be my chance. And, I owe it all to this article about a young man suffering from CRPS from a surgical injury just like myself that is now cured! This doctor is one of four in the world that performs this miraculous surgery, and I am blessed that he chose me! I have been blessed to be on this journey; and I say blessed because with what has happened to me since 2015. I have grown as a person and I have learned many lessons. I have overcome some serious hurdles, and I've learned that I'm stronger than I could I could have ever imagined!

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