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Because I have worked a few years in the tech industry, I have decided to offer up a few resources for website building. 

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I do however wish to encourage all of our talented following to chase their dreams. 


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Elon Musk

So basically, if you don't know who this guy is, you've been living under a rock!
(Don't worry, the more I talk to people about him, the more I realize that there are a lot of people living under this rock)

When it comes to the guy that has everything (and I would call net worth of $18 billion dollars as listed by Forbes 4/2/2018), you want to find something you can hate (or at least I'll sadly admit that I do), but trust me, it's hard to find something you don't like about Elon Musk. As a kid he was more than just the underdog, he was the child the rest of the kids liked to bully. There are even rumors that he was once hospitalized as a child after being thrown down a flight of stairs and beaten. Add to that the misfortune of being more than just a little smarter than those around him (because let's face it, when you're smart, and you're in an abusive situation, books are your escape route) you had a kid from divorced parents that was just trying to find his way. Oh, and did I mention that he was born in Pretoria, South Africa?


I doubt that Maye Musk (who reportedly also bullied as a child) just stood by quietly and let this happen to her son, but South Africa has some very strict laws regarding a child and their education.

The South African Schools Act

Is very strict and states in Chapter 2 number 3. that:

"Compulsory attendance.—(1) Subject to this Act and any applicable provincial law, every parent must cause every learner for whom he or she is responsible to attend a school from the first school day of the year in which such learner reaches the age of seven years until the last school day of the year in which such learner reaches the age of fifteen years or the ninth grade, whichever occurs."

If you want to envy his education and site all of the opportunities he must have had, you're going to have to try again. Though Elon did receive a degree in economics from Wharton School and a degree in physics from the College of Arts and Sciences Musk taught himself how to do computer programming at the tender age of 12! You could envy the fact that he sold his first major venture with Zip2 to Compaq for 340$ million in 1999, and that he bought one of only a handful of the worlds McClarin F!, only to wreck the uninsured car while showing off. It's okay, that one I sort of understand.

Ultimately, I could go on, and on, and on about the road signs along the way to where we are now, and we could continue looking for a loose thread in the silver lining of the story of Elon Musk; but ultimately, maybe he really isn't so bad.

Not only has the man been integral to giving us the internet as we know it today thanks to his involvements with Zip2 and Paypal, but he's trying to make a better tomorrow by helping everyone start using solar power with side projects like SolarCity and his famous Tesla electric cars. The long time argument against the car is that with power supplied by the standard coal burning power it only provides a projected 35lb difference in emissions over the lifetime of the car in comparison with that of it's comparable counterpart at Mercedes. But nay-sayers negate to tell you that he has plans for that too with his SolarCity project.

But, here is where Elon Musk did make me both squeel with delight, clap my hands, and pout at my screen in back to back response time.       



Exciting news came the night of Saturday July 29th. The Nocturnal Affair announced at their live show at Vamp'd (where they opened for none other than Geoff Tate in Opperation: Mindcrime) that they had just released an album. Here at Vegas Underground Society we are proud to pass along the sound that we're pretty sure you've been waiting for for years.

Back when the website was still new, I had asked this funny karaoke host if he would do an interview with me for the website.
Sadly, the interview never came to be because we had both agreed that a video interview would be best.

As the days pass into weeks, and the world continues to carry on without him, I watch as more and more of his pictures surface, and then disappear again.
I only wish I could make the fact that he has died go away just as easily.  He was a single father that was working gig to gig to pay the bills, and left behind a 15 year old daughter that he loved dearly. We've done charity work in the past, but I can think of no better way to remember him than leaving this link here.
If you would like to help with funeral expenses and to make his families loss a little easier, then please click his picture, and donate to this GoFundMe account. 

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