One luminary clock against the sky Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right. ☾ Robert Frost, "Acquainted with the Night" (1928)

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Please note that at this time this is a completely ad free publication. We are very much about the idea of bringing you up to date points of interest and news in our fair city. I was NOT paid for advertisement for any materials or links to be placed here.

Who Are We

In Hell I'll Be In Good Company


This website will be dedicated to providing you with a wide range of local talent.


  • Poetry.
  • Reviews.
  • Articles.
  • Essays.
  • Items of Personal Interest.


These are the things you will find on this website.




In addition to what will be a full blown website, you will also be able to keep in touch and interact with us Via Facebook!

If Dark Clouds Gather Round You, You're Not Alone.


Because I have worked a few years in the tech industry, I have decided to offer up a few resources for website building. 

I DO NOT, and will not be offering any of my personal expertise beyond that. 

I do however wish to encourage all of our talented following to chase their dreams. 


More Information
Coming Soon 

We Care


If there is one thing we plan on attending, creating, and going to; that's events!

I wouldn't say that social gatherings is the sole purpose of this website, but it is definitely an objective!

Current News

Exciting news came the night of Saturday July 29th. The Nocturnal Affair announced at their live show at Vamp'd (where they opened for none other than Geoff Tate in Opperation: Mindcrime) that they had just released an album. Here at Vegas Underground Society we are proud to pass along the sound that we're pretty sure you've been waiting for for years.

Back when the website was still new, I had asked this funny karaoke host if he would do an interview with me for the website.
Sadly, the interview never came to be because we had both agreed that a video interview would be best.

As the days pass into weeks, and the world continues to carry on without him, I watch as more and more of his pictures surface, and then disappear again.
I only wish I could make the fact that he has died go away just as easily.  He was a single father that was working gig to gig to pay the bills, and left behind a 15 year old daughter that he loved dearly. We've done charity work in the past, but I can think of no better way to remember him than leaving this link here.
If you would like to help with funeral expenses and to make his families loss a little easier, then please click his picture, and donate to this GoFundMe account. 

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